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Making Up, Day 24 of 30 days of 30 paintings.

Making Up

You know how it is when you get upset with your sweetie and want to make up. I think he is really trying. Just an idea, no relevance to life as it is. Wonder what’s in the package? Take a guess.

This is a 4″ by 6″ watercolor, quite the Valentine!  $35.00


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Solstice Is Icumen and Lewdly Sings Cuckoo.

This is one of  the images of the Solstice cards I have made. I am planning to be ahead of the game next year and work them out well before the fall season.

I have all my Solstice cards out in shops but have a great deal if you are interested…..

5  Wild 5″ by 7″  cards of my  watercolors including a few new Rousseau like images. $15.00 plus 3.50 shipping for a packaged set of 5. Makes a great holiday gift!


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Yes We Can Again!

Yes We Can Again!

This is a 9″ by 12″ ink and watercolor of some very happy creatures.

This painting is framed in a light maple frame and for sale for $300.

Please vote today.



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Chickens, Watercolors, Open Studios and Baby Bluefish

Demo for Open Studios

Open Studios have passed and with it the flurry of activity painting, prepping, promoting and then meeting so many lovely visitors who came to see my work. I enjoyed giving a demo of the steps involved in making my paintings.

I got quite involved in making  chickens this summer. I found that adding borders to my work has brought an illustrative quality to it.

A Couple Of Cute Chicks!

These girls are on 8″ by 8 ”  Ink and Watercolor on aqua board and are framed in a distressed frame that works well with the subject matter.  This work is for sale for $150 plus $10 shipping or 2 for $275. If interested please email me at susanmedyn@cox.net.

I also made this very royal looking chicken who is wearing some very gorgeous feathers. This is another 8″ by 8″ Ink and Watercolor on aqua board, also for sale for $150 plus $10 shipping or 2 for $275. They make a lovely pair of paintings.

Fluff Full!

I was working on a drawing at a friends studio today and we both noticed the lack of humidity in the air, a sense that fall is approaching although the days are warm and the wildlife abundant. I spent the evening swimming and catching some baby blue fish AKA snappers for those of you who  live on Long Island and  skipjacks to the locals.


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New paintings on aqua board.

Hide and Seek is part of my new series of smaller creatures and sea life on aqua board.

It has a wonderful cheerfulness about it. Sold.

They Fly Through The Air, 5″ by 7″ Framed in a Wooden Frame $50.00/SOLD!


This is a lovely little 6″ by 6″ painting that I have just finished on aqua board. Sold.

And lastly is an 8″ by 8″ painting on aqua board called Nautalisk. I have added a few pictures to show the process of making my work. This painting is for sale for $125.00 framed. It is on view at Partners Country Store in Westport, MA.

Nautalick inked in.

Nautalick being worked on.

Nautalick, 8″ by 8′ Ink and Watercolor on Aqua Board. Framed and for sale for $125.00. On View at Partners Country Store, Westport, MA.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work please contact me at susanmedyn@cox.net.

Please let me know what you think of these new works!


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Who Designed Your Clothes?, 9"x12", 2010 Ink and Watercolor, $450

GOT ANY MILK?, 9"x12", Ink and Watercolor, 2010, $450

Here are 2 new 2011 works that I have finished. I really like the  organization and simplicity I am going for with my newer pieces. Sometimes it takes more work to add less.

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CATOLOGY, 2010, 9" x 12", Ink and Watercolor, $600. Catology can be seen @ Jessica Hagen Fine Arts in Newport, MA.

BEADFS OF DOUBT, 7"x 10", Ink and Watercolor Painting, $400

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