Solstice Is Icumen and Lewdly Sings Cuckoo.

This is one of  the images of the Solstice cards I have made. I am planning to be ahead of the game next year and work them out well before the fall season.

I have all my Solstice cards out in shops but have a great deal if you are interested…..

5  Wild 5″ by 7″  cards of my  watercolors including a few new Rousseau like images. $15.00 plus 3.50 shipping for a packaged set of 5. Makes a great holiday gift!


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4 Responses to Solstice Is Icumen and Lewdly Sings Cuckoo.

  1. Lewd words to Cuckoo,,, never heard them! You are too much.

  2. Teri

    Great idea, Susan! Love this image, too!

    • Thanks Teri,
      Next Year I will get a very early head start on Holiday cards as they all seem to have sold out at the few stores I had them at. I want to redo some but I am so thrilled with my snowman hanging on to the tree. He makes me wish we had snow. Hope all is well. Will be posting some new style works soon.

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