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Kiss Me and work in progress.

This is a 6″ by 6″ ink and watercolor on aqua board. The man in the middle is filling his glass but the spotted pink creature is longing for a kiss. This work is for sale for $65 plus $5 shipping. Paypal button is above painting.

Working on this new style where I will be painting the entire page.

This is a Rousseau like to me and I am so enamored of his work. I wish I could see every painting he ever made.

I think it will be stellar. This design is copyright protected. Reproduction is not allowed.


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Bare Bear, Partridge In Therapy and Dophins on the Sakonnet!


This gilded partridge was inspired by a magazine cover. My partridge  looks as though he might have a hard time flying. I think this 8″ by 8″ Ink and Watercolor on Aqua board is a cool bird. Paypal link above watercolor painting.

Bare Bear was inspired by a bronze bear on the grounds of the magnificent  Grove Park Inn  http://www.groveparkinn.com/in Asheville, North Carolina. Bare Bear is also on aqua board. He is headed for a new home. I am continuing to make whimsical watercolors on aqua board as well as  watercolor paper.  Will soon be posting my  latest work  which is a series of Holiday and Solstice Cards.

On a very wonderful note,yesterday I received an email from  friends who were boating on the Sakonnet River and had 2 dolphins join them for their cocktail hour. I feel so fortunate to spend so much time in such a beautiful area. I will also be at the Art Stable Gallery http://www.artstablegallery.com/ today from noon until 4:00PM. Please come by and visit. I always love to see everyone.


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Hydra Symdra

HYDRA SYMDRA,Original sold at open studios. But I do have 5" by 7" Cards and 11" to 14" matted Gicleés for sale with same image. I have added a gicleé and card shop section to my blog as I find I get very attached to certain paintings and then they are sold. I never posted this very cool Ink and Watercolor painting in my fish series and realized it deserves to be seen. Check out my new section and I'd love to get some feedback on it.


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When It Rains It Pours

I am having trouble with my camera. Time to get a new one. Unfortunately my pictures didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. But have some fun taking a look at some of my new work.

DO YOU TAKE THIS CREATURE?, 9" x 12", 2011, $400

Love the anemone in this one!

WAITING FOR POGO, 9" x 12", 2011, $300

From the Okefenokee Swamp where the celebrated opossum Pogo Lives. The light wasn’t great for photographing as I need a new camera. Do you know that a cross eyed opossum named Heidi is currently Germany’s biggest star with 290,000 facebook fans?
And she is a rescue possum. I often feel like I am rescuing my creatures from my mind so that they have a nice place to live.
Waiting for Pogo is a 9″ by 12″ Ink and Watercolor done on 140 pound hot press arches watercolor paper.

VANISHING ACT, 2011, 9" x 12"

I love this painting. Notice how many creature only have part of them in the picture. I am sending this one over to a gallery in Newport next week.

I only hope spring will spring into action soon!


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