Kiss Me and work in progress.

This is a 6″ by 6″ ink and watercolor on aqua board. The man in the middle is filling his glass but the spotted pink creature is longing for a kiss. This work is for sale for $65 plus $5 shipping. Paypal button is above painting.

Working on this new style where I will be painting the entire page.

This is a Rousseau like to me and I am so enamored of his work. I wish I could see every painting he ever made.

I think it will be stellar. This design is copyright protected. Reproduction is not allowed.


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  1. Love the new filled in style! It reminds me of Zentangles 🙂

    • Zentangles…I will need to look that up….struggling with working with color on my new painting…..not sure it will work….going to have a lot of practicing ahead of me. Thanks so much for your comment. I always love to hear from you!

  2. Kelley MacDonald

    Susan – when are you around? I would love to work on your PayPal button….I also am so looking forward to the Rousseau… Kiss Me is SPARKLING with color!

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  3. Andie

    I love the new Rousseau-inspired style—just wonderful and can’t wait to see it in full color. Have you ever considered making an adult (or older child) coloring book? These images would be so fun to color in. I’d take extra care to stay within the lines.

    • Thanks Andie,
      I have so many ideas but you know I don’t carry a lot out. Would like to work on a card series but am excited by the new works I am doing…..painting this first one is quite a challenge.

  4. My favorite bit is those two little critters on the antlers. So fun and so much to look at!

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