Hydra Symdra

HYDRA SYMDRA,Original sold at open studios. But I do have 5" by 7" Cards and 11" to 14" matted Gicleés for sale with same image. I have added a gicleé and card shop section to my blog as I find I get very attached to certain paintings and then they are sold. I never posted this very cool Ink and Watercolor painting in my fish series and realized it deserves to be seen. Check out my new section and I'd love to get some feedback on it.


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  1. LOVE Hydra Symdra! I predict great success with your giclee section!

  2. Bringing some to a gallery in Bennington next week…now to tap your brain on getting more subscribers.

  3. sharonlee mclean

    OH I just love this piece. What a beautiful pattern is on the blue fishes back. Really lovely.

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