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Hydra Symdra

HYDRA SYMDRA,Original sold at open studios. But I do have 5" by 7" Cards and 11" to 14" matted Gicleés for sale with same image. I have added a gicleé and card shop section to my blog as I find I get very attached to certain paintings and then they are sold. I never posted this very cool Ink and Watercolor painting in my fish series and realized it deserves to be seen. Check out my new section and I'd love to get some feedback on it.


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Love is wonderful.

Elin and Anthony Kiwi celebrate their anniversary!

I was commissioned to make a kiwi bird painting for a lovely woman celebrating her first anniversary with her husband who is from  Australia. She asked for a kiwi bird. Thus this new painting. I am so happy with the outcome. It is wonderful to create something celebrating love. A gift in itself to me. As it happened when I dropped off the painting to her mom as Elin was at work, her mother recognized me as the person who had come  with David into this wonderful church in Tiverton, RI  on Highland Rd. It unfortunately was sold due to declining congregation and her parents were there cleaning things out. She and her husband were nice enough to let us take pictures of the church which had some wonderful features,curved pews,  and of course, lovely stained glass. The new owner has never done anything with it, possibly because of the market downturn. I think as an artist one of the greatest gifts is to make something out of love and Elin was so delightful in her emails that I knew that I was making a very special painting for a very special couple.
I am thinking of using this little guy as my inspiration for the next painting. Had 2 lovely long swims in Tiverton, RI Saturday. We are renting it out the next two weeks to a lovely family from Pittsburgh. Their son is marrying a woman form Portsmouth, RI. He also did Teach For America, like Anthea’s husband Shamus did and will be working for the New Orleans School System helping to improve their educational system. It is so nice to rent to people who are celebrating the marriage of their son, and they are very lovely as well. They have a younger son who is  a pilot studying aviation to be come employed as a pilot. Very cool. And her son to wed worked right in Anthea and Shamus’s neighborhood. The world is small. Alex and their sons were chatting away as we were ready to leave so they could get settled after their 12 hours on the road. Cograts to the soon to be newlyweds.


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Open Studios and the fish were a big hit!

Wonderful swim at the end of the day. Some nice bouncy waves.

A little seaweed. Think it is healthful to swim among the leaves.

Lickety Split


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The Day Before The Wedding!

Come and Get Me! , 9" by 12", Just finished yesterday!

Wedding Rehearsal, very fitting for the rehearsal day!

SO we are all a twitter with excitement for this wonderful weekend. We have the rehearsal for Anthea and Shamus’s wedding at 11:00AM today and then we drive down to Rhode Island for a rehearsal dinner party. The weather should be perfect for tomorrow’s wedding and we are so excited. Anthea looks amazing!

Island Near Christmas Cove. Just posting this as my friend Kelley MacDonald is in Maine painting and just finished a picture of Christmas Cove.http://kelleymacdonalddailypaint.blogspot.com/

So we are all atwitter getting ready for the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow should be a fabulous day. The weather will be perfect.

The Borman Six Has Got to Have Sole, 2011, $500.00, Also limited edition gicleés available for $60.00 inclusive of shipping within the continental US.

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Recent Work and Work In Progress

Lickety Split, Ink and Watercolor, 9″ x 12″, 2011, $400 SOLD

She’s So Fine, Ink and Watercolor, 9″ x 12″, 2011, $500
Images for Place cards for Anthea and Shamus’s wedding

Bird Of Paradise, Ink nd Watercolor, 9″ x 12″ 2011, $500

A new drawing I am working on.

I loved making my drawing of a sole so much that I am making some fish drawings. Here is one I started yesterday.

I haven’t posted in a bit as we have been busy getting our Arlington house ready for sale. It is coming along great but we are thinking we will put it on the market in the fall as we have too much going on right now. While we prepare for a wedding and Alex going off to college, we won’t have to be at the ready to clean and evacuate the house for prospective buyers.

I loved the sole fish I painted recently and have made another one that I will post soon. I am enjoying the idea of making large sea creatures and will play with that for a bit.

Drawing and painting are such a source of satisfaction for me. I will have several new works for open studios this summer. I need to take a  class in order to really get better photos of my work. I also need a new camera and that is on my wish list.