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A Poppy for Your Thoughts, Day 19 of 30 Days of 30 Paintings.

A Poppy for your thoughts. copy

I drew this while at Gallery 55 Poetry Reading Thursday night. I really love the two creatures in the tree  and the two birds eavesdropping on the bunny and egret. This is another in my series of paintings inspired by Henri Rousseau.

I moved all my supplies upstairs today. I prefer painting in my studio there. I love the view and the light but it is colder upstairs and I try to stay warm without turning up the heat too much. Don Cadoret, story teller artist,  told me where to find alpaca wool socks and that has helped  quite a bit as has one of my Christmas presents of a pair of wool socks. Oh and a lovely cowl made by painter Kathrine Lovell. Oh joy! For the days are longer, Spring will soon arrive and I have clothes to keep me warm while I paint.
Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.59.31 PMI also am the lucky new owner of a beautiful pastel by Susan Klabak. I admired her work on the 30 day challenge and we ended up trading paintings. I loved the very first one I saw and  when we became virtual friends and decided to trade I thought for a few days but went right back to her day one painting. Her work is a real treasure so if you find yourself with a moment take a look at her website.

A Poppy for Your Thoughts is a 5″ by 7″ ink and watercolor on aqua board. It is varnished and framed in a shadow box frame and for sale for $250.

Thanks to everyone who requested more poppy paintings. I am pleased to be doing more. And thank you Leslie Saeta for keeping me focussed for this month of January.




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Meadowlands, Day 9 of 30 days of 30 paintings


Thought I would paint an abstract meadow.  I have loved the snow melt these past 2 days. Every morning there has been a wonderful fog covering the landscape.

This is a 5″ by 7″ painting on aqua board that is varnished and ready to hang. I have made it to day 9 of Leslie Saeta’s challenge and I am determined to complete a painting each day of the full 30 days.

It is wonderful meeting other artists and seeing their work. I am so pleased with the connections I am making. I even plan to trade a painting with one of the wonderful painters in this challenge.

This painting is for sale for 50.00 plus shipping.

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SCAPE2! copy

I was so busy today that I had less time to paint than I wished. I am working on some complex pieces but did not get anywhere near done. So instead, for day 8 of this 30 day challenge,  I worked on an abstract city scape.

This painting is 5″ by 7″ watercolor on aqua board. It is for sale for $50.00

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30 Days of 30 Paintings, Day 4, Wiggly Squiggly

WIGGLY SQUIGGLYIt takes so long to work on my usual paintings so I have been playing a bit with color.

I am forging along in the 30 days 30 paintings inspired by Leslie Saeta. If you click on her name it will take you to her blog where you can see the work of about 250 painters posting daily.

This painting is  a 5″ by 7″  watercolor on aqua board that is varnished  so no need for glass.It really sparkles!

Purchase price is $50, shipping included.



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30 Paintings in 30 Days, Day 2, and Wiggly Squiggly Sperm!

SPERMMy work is so detailed that this is quite a challenge to make 30 paintings in 30 days, especially since I need to complete new work for several shows and open studios coming up this Spring and Summer.

So today I played with paint. Even though my work is playful, it is so unlike me to go at something free form. This is a 5 by 7 watercolor on aqua board that is varnished. Love those luminescent paints!

My tools usually are my #3 pencil,  Crow Quill pen, India Ink, and an eraser, even before I get to any painting. So hopefully tomorrow I will have finished another creature feature. They take the better part of a day to complete.

I certainly thank Kelley McDonald and Leslie Saeta for inspiring me to challenge myself. Sometimes it is the offhand comment that sparks a dream in one’s mind which propels us forward.


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