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Meadowlands, Day 9 of 30 days of 30 paintings


Thought I would paint an abstract meadow.  I have loved the snow melt these past 2 days. Every morning there has been a wonderful fog covering the landscape.

This is a 5″ by 7″ painting on aqua board that is varnished and ready to hang. I have made it to day 9 of Leslie Saeta’s challenge and I am determined to complete a painting each day of the full 30 days.

It is wonderful meeting other artists and seeing their work. I am so pleased with the connections I am making. I even plan to trade a painting with one of the wonderful painters in this challenge.

This painting is for sale for 50.00 plus shipping.

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SCAPE2! copy

I was so busy today that I had less time to paint than I wished. I am working on some complex pieces but did not get anywhere near done. So instead, for day 8 of this 30 day challenge,  I worked on an abstract city scape.

This painting is 5″ by 7″ watercolor on aqua board. It is for sale for $50.00

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Day 6 of 30 Paintings in 30 days, color study.

study in color

Doing a color study today as I have to spend the next 2 days in Boston and will not have time in my studio.Thought of something coppery to warm me up. Have 3 bigger paintings in the works. I hope to be able to paint one for Wednesday’s post.


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