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3 Little Kittens, 30 Days of 30 Paintings, day 29

3 kittens

I have been working on a larger painting for day 30 so today I am posting a drawing that I will complete over the next week. I continue with my poppies, enjoying the thought of them blooming this summer. But we did have gorgeous witch hazel blossoms today as the temperature hit 55.


These have a heavenly scent.  So joyous to be outdoors and smell their fragrance wafting on the breeze.

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A Poppy for Your Thoughts, Day 19 of 30 Days of 30 Paintings.

A Poppy for your thoughts. copy

I drew this while at Gallery 55 Poetry Reading Thursday night. I really love the two creatures in the tree  and the two birds eavesdropping on the bunny and egret. This is another in my series of paintings inspired by Henri Rousseau.

I moved all my supplies upstairs today. I prefer painting in my studio there. I love the view and the light but it is colder upstairs and I try to stay warm without turning up the heat too much. Don Cadoret, story teller artist,  told me where to find alpaca wool socks and that has helped  quite a bit as has one of my Christmas presents of a pair of wool socks. Oh and a lovely cowl made by painter Kathrine Lovell. Oh joy! For the days are longer, Spring will soon arrive and I have clothes to keep me warm while I paint.
Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.59.31 PMI also am the lucky new owner of a beautiful pastel by Susan Klabak. I admired her work on the 30 day challenge and we ended up trading paintings. I loved the very first one I saw and  when we became virtual friends and decided to trade I thought for a few days but went right back to her day one painting. Her work is a real treasure so if you find yourself with a moment take a look at her website.

A Poppy for Your Thoughts is a 5″ by 7″ ink and watercolor on aqua board. It is varnished and framed in a shadow box frame and for sale for $250.

Thanks to everyone who requested more poppy paintings. I am pleased to be doing more. And thank you Leslie Saeta for keeping me focussed for this month of January.




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cat in poppies


y daughter asked me to paint more poppies and I am happy to add these soporific flowers into my paintings. I originally started out with a bunny again but our orange tabby Arthur was posing so sweetly that I  changed the painting to include him. I continue to make Henri Rousseau like paintings and will have several in the Art Naif Festival in Katowice Poland this summer.

This is a 5″ by 7″ Ink and Watercolor painting on Aqua Board and includes some of my imaginary plants and creatures. To purchase click on the buy now button or contact me at susanmedyn(at)cox.net


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