Here’s Looking at You! and Gicleé Give Away

Heres looking at you © 2013

This was quite the challenge to work out as I wanted to stay with purples, oranges and browns.

Was able to put a nice wash of gold on the background.

Which creature would you like to be ? Any reasons why?

Please consider signing up for my blog and I will randomly choose a winner of a gicleé of one of my works matted to 8 1/2 by 11.

Learned today that I can significantly lighten Higgins waterproof permanent drawing ink from aqua board if I use soap and hot water.

I am interested to see how the painting will look with much lighter outlines.

Would love to have you follow my painting journey and be sure to let me know which creature  you would like to be.

This is a 8″ by 10″ Ink and watercolor on aqua board, varnished and framed in a shadow box frame.

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13 Responses to Here’s Looking at You! and Gicleé Give Away

  1. Linda yoder

    Susan – this is amazing- love the colors – I want to be the little polka dot guy sitting on the leaf- I love polka dots.
    I would like to know how you come up with the ideas for your paintings – have you always had these ideas in your head? And do you plan it out before you start the painting or start painting and see what evolves? Just curious.

    • Linda the creatures just come out in the paper. They don’t seem to be in my head as much as my hand!i love little purple polka dots too.

  2. I am the lady lion, being a LEO, of course. I love to paint people using washes of paint and finding the faces in there. What fun!

  3. Susan,
    Another lovely painting! Did you do the gold wash behind everything first and then draw and paint the characters on top? You can tell I’m a painting newbie.

  4. So delicate! And yet light and fun! Love it!

  5. Susan, you won the three note cards I was giving away, but I can’t email you because I’m not set up for Outlook. Email me at and give me your address and I’ll send them to you.

  6. Susan James

    Another winner…

  7. I always wanted to fly and the little bluebird has the best view. 🙂

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