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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Monkey Business                      $110 including shipping.  6″ x 6″ Framed

Did you ever want to create a little monkey business, play tricks- not like the 3 Stooges, but stir up a little trouble. We have had a few great April Fool’s tricks in the past 2 years. Two years ago we put up signs that said “Fresh Eggs” and left several dozen eggs in a cooler with a cigar box in front of our friends. Last year we placed a number of pink construction flags in the yard of a friend and made some construction markings. Our friends had the night before diverted a neighbors water-spout and worried that they neighbors had called the town. Haven’t thought up next years April Fools.


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Monkey Business or How to Eavesdrop!

new 6 by 6

This painting has gone through several revisions over the past few weeks. I was pleased with the drawing but have darkened and lightened some areas to make a more harmonious painting. I continue to be in the poppy business.

It has been a very busy few days. I am trying to get work ready for several shows and have encountered those old framing challenges. I have several at the framer and am changing frames I originally was going to use by sanding and varnishing them.

I also hosted a meeting for South Coast Artists, an artist group I am part of on Thursday. There was such great energy at the meeting it felt like a party.

We have begun gardening and I planted 7 rhubarb plants in the lower 40. It is my favorite fruit for pies and I am hoping these plants take off and give me years of pies. I used Skype to chat with my daughter tonight who is in Hawaii for work. Now that job has some wonderful perks. She is staying at Waikiki Beach. I wish I were there. I could use some warm weather.

This painting is 6″ by 6″ and framed in a shadow box frame. It is for sale for $250.


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