Monkey Business or How to Eavesdrop!

new 6 by 6

This painting has gone through several revisions over the past few weeks. I was pleased with the drawing but have darkened and lightened some areas to make a more harmonious painting. I continue to be in the poppy business.

It has been a very busy few days. I am trying to get work ready for several shows and have encountered those old framing challenges. I have several at the framer and am changing frames I originally was going to use by sanding and varnishing them.

I also hosted a meeting for South Coast Artists, an artist group I am part of on Thursday. There was such great energy at the meeting it felt like a party.

We have begun gardening and I planted 7 rhubarb plants in the lower 40. It is my favorite fruit for pies and I am hoping these plants take off and give me years of pies. I used Skype to chat with my daughter tonight who is in Hawaii for work. Now that job has some wonderful perks. She is staying at Waikiki Beach. I wish I were there. I could use some warm weather.

This painting is 6″ by 6″ and framed in a shadow box frame. It is for sale for $250.


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  1. Very personal and beautiful painting; gorgeous and sweet at the same time!

  2. Well, I love the poppy paintings and I never tire of them! These folk seem to be in the ‘cone of silence’ from the old ‘Get Smart’ TV show! Busy week, busy girl… you WILL get everything done!

  3. I love your poppy paintings too! Very colorful and lively!

    I also love Rhubarb. It’s my favorite pie also. I had a wonderful plant for the last few years but it didn’t make it through this last winter. I might have over picked it last year. I have to get a new one.

  4. Poppies! yes it is spring! I needed that reminder with snow in the forecast for so many! Is it time to plant the dahlias? Mmm! rhubarb pie! The plant will thrive here for sure! Soooo sorry I had to miss that SCA meeting to be with the grandgirls in NJ. Hope to see you at the Gilbert Stuart Museum painting! as well as other places, of course! So happy you are back — and painting monkees and other adorable critters.

  5. Whimsically fun! Love those poppies. Good luck with your rhubarb!

  6. Fay Terry

    Susan, this is wonderful –I love the cockatiel and all the
    other charming animals.
    We can’t grow Rhubarb here in the south but
    we can at least buy it. Strawberry Rhubarb
    Pie is my favorite. The local strawberry picking
    Farms are beginning to open.

  7. Love these wonderful swirls of colors…..including that big purple fern!

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