Do You Think They A Couple?

Do You think they are a couple?

Working on this new painting. The two creatures on the right are wondering whether the cat and giraffe are a couple. What do you think?



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12 Responses to Do You Think They A Couple?

  1. Those poppies against that blue are just stunning! I’m amazed that you’re posting!!!!

  2. Most definitely! You can tell by the gaze in their eyes!

  3. They sure look like it. We’ll just keep this to ourselves. hehe

  4. Definitely a couple – look at the love in their eyes! Beautiful.

  5. Preposting. Kelley I saw several paintings that reminded me of you.

  6. I think they just met! And are curious about each other! 😉

  7. Susan James

    I think they make a lovely couple…

  8. Ann Isik

    They are wondering why people are wondering if they are a couple and thinking they must be under the influence of poppy juice. 🙂

  9. Zelda Feinberg

    I think the giraffe is telling her what a pretty kitty she is and she’s just smitten with him !!!!

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