She’s Glowing! and monthly Gicleé and IPhone cover winner.

She's Glowing

I love bright pinks and this lady sure likes it too.  So what is going on here.

There are two creatures happily conversing while the south wind hangs out waiting for my wing propelled snail to pass by before fluttering Eve’s bridal veil. The snakes are contained in the plants so the are no apples to tempt Eve.

A slight departure on my painting today. After I used permanent ink, I washed the aqua board with hot water and soap thus lightening the ink outlines. Notice the difference?

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for my blog this month. Chris D. won the Iphone cover with one of my leopards on it and Kim, who helped my husband pick out a new iPhone,  won the gicleé.  Congratulations.

Soon we will be going to Europe and we are barely organized. Luckily our children have decided to spend some time here while we are gone so the cats will be well taken care of.

This painting is 6″ by 6″ and is for sale for $100.00


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9 Responses to She’s Glowing! and monthly Gicleé and IPhone cover winner.

  1. Jan

    NOt only are you an imaginative artist but an entertaining writer. You work always makes me smile.

  2. Love the stories and love the bright colors. I always look forward to seeing your new work!!

  3. Susan, Loved seeing the bright happy painting this morning. Hope you have a wonderful time in Europe! Take lots of pictures to share with us when you return.

  4. I like the softer outlines…nice variation!

  5. Margaret

    Hi Susan and David, Have a wonderful trip! Sam is graduating today!

  6. I love fuchsia so this little lady in the center is wonderful! Also like the little blue cloud character? on the left…..these would make really nice notecards. Have a fabulous time in Europe….I’m so jealous!

  7. Wow, you got all this in a 6×6″? I never noticed your size before, I just assumed they would have to be large! That is incredible to me.

  8. I love all your bright, happy colors and patterns, Susan. They make me smile. Have a wonderful trip to Europe. Looking forward to hearing all the details when you return.

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