Rebirth of Venus

cat painting

Titles tell us so much.  I first was going to call this “It Would Make A Cat Laugh”.

Then I thought about how beautiful the planets were in conjunction last night and wanted to call this painting “Waiting for the Stars”.

But Venus with her earrings reminded me of Willie Marlowe‘s series Peggy Guggenheim’s Earrings so in a round about way (since my lovely Venus is wearing earrings and maybe is as promiscuous as the wonderful Ms. Guggenheim) I thought, “One can’t be born with earrings, but one can make a reappearance, thus my title.

While you are here take a look at Willie’s website. Her works are influenced by Persian and Indian miniature paintings. Her use of color and reference to ancient art awes and inspires me. I feel so fortunate to have acquired one of her paintings in the series of Peggy Guggenheim’s Earrings. It hangs appropriately in our bedroom.

I love making my creatures appear and disappear. How many can you find?

This is an 8″ by 10” ink and watercolor on Aqua Board. I have been working and reworking this for the past two weeks. These paintings are slow going.

Rebirth of Venus is SOLD.


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15 Responses to Rebirth of Venus

  1. Beautiful! I can see 12 creatures!love the compsition, the colors and the name!

  2. I love the way your mind works!!! You imagination is amazing. I could only find 11…but I will look again!

    • Maria there are 12 not counting the small snake in the bushes. I don’t know about my mind but my hands sure come up with some wild things. I would like to go live in my paintings for a month.

  3. Susan, Your compositions are so intriguing! Just beautiful,

  4. I like your use of pattern and color. They look like fun to create. I forgot to count!

  5. I found 12! Fabulous image……love the brown antler creature….

  6. great painting….I like the orange halo of flowers….very nice compositional element to hold the menagerie together!

  7. Susan James

    I love it…however on 1st glance I only found 11. I’ll go back and look again…

    • Thanks so much Susan. This will be in the exhibit at The DeBlois gallery in Newport,RI this July. I hope to have 10 larger peices and some smaller works in the show. Hope you get to see it.

  8. Susan James

    On second look I found the little bird-that was 12…

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