Flower Jungle and Joy


OK, I hope you smile. This is my way of making someone happy. Art gives me joy and joy is happiness.

I have spent several days working on this picture. It took quite awhile to work out the patterns and colors. Swirls and spirals always intrigue me and I like to see them in my paintings. The bunny is offering flowers to the elephant and my cats are hanging out in the tree.  I often add a Mother Goddess to my work. She takes care of overseeing each little world. This time she is communing with the flowers oblivious to the curious cats and the animals paying homage to the wonderful elephant. This continues to fit in my jungle series although the creatures are tamer. I do love the color combinations and the sky full of poppies.

flower jungle pic CLOSE UP

Here is a close up of this curious constellation. And we did not get to see the Aurora Borealis here due to cloud cover. My former office mate lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and I would love to see what the sky is like there. I also hope to go back to Iceland to see the Northern Lights (which we did not see when we were there both times we went).

If anyone out in the world of painting is working on aqua board, I would love to hear how you are framing them. I have searched the internet, watched videos on framing them and haven’t quite come up with a good solution. I am going to try a suggestion by Kelley MacDonald  and see how it works. I will have to get more creative on the best way to frame a flat varnished board in which the painting goes right up to the edges.

This is a 9″ by 12″ Ink and Watercolor on aqua board. It is varnished and framed in a black and maple shadow box frame. This painting looks really lovely and is for sale for $600.00.


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  1. Susan,,,, what an imagination! Love it.


  2. BTW, do I qualify for your “artist’ blog” list?



  3. Another fun composition full of all your wonderful creations! You have a whole little world going here! Can’t wait to see what you come with next.

  4. I love the color patterns that you choose, too… and it gives a continuity to your work – branding, almost. I hope you like the result of the framing – you can see my paintings framed in this way first – what sizes are you using – maybe I have a frame you can see it in first – I have mostly (but not all) squares and one 8×10… let me know!

  5. Susan, Your paintings are so inspired! I am wanting to do a children’s book for my grandkids and keep putting off the painting part because I need a different style than my usual paintings to give it a more whimsical look. Then I look at yours, and my imagination soars! Maybe I should start with a line drawing and ink…that might get me going (I have already done the writing).

    • Thanks Christine. It is wonderful that you have a book written.People are always asking me if I write children’s books. let me know how yours goes.

  6. I really like the pale colored leaves behind the tree, and the red spiky flowers, and that purple plant in the foreground! And those critters in the tree! So much to look at. 🙂

  7. I love that painting! It definitely made me smile 😀

  8. You are very talented, Susan. I love your paintings: they are soft & colorful at the same time; they let us fly on the wings of your fantasy …

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