Bumblepuss Makes a Delivery

BUMBLE PUSS delivers a blob I am loving working with a mixed gouache for the background as I can control the evenness of the color much better than with straight watercolor. Bumble Puss has just delivered this little blob to Ms. Mercat and her friend is looking on appreciatively. Not so for the cloudy seahorse who is wondering when he will get his delivery. Spring has sprung and yellow, blue and purple are the colors of the June irises I have in my yard.

I wanted to mention a wonderful blog by a high school friend of mine. I was always jealous to see Andie carrying her art portfolio around the halls as my parents wanted me to take all college directed courses which somehow left no room for art. Her blog is an eco-conscious person’s dream.

Her suggestions on how to make a spray that attracts beneficial insects instead of using toxic chemicals,  and how to repurpose tomato cages, to decluttering projects is quite wonderful. Andie has been a writer and an editor for years but devotes a lot of time to environmental efforts. Her blog synthesizes both. Check out one of her post here http://www.thegreenqueenofmod.com/memorable-masterpieces/  on saving children’s art and  consider signing up while you are perusing her posts. She’s also on Twitter @greenqueenofmod.

As to Bumble Puss, this painting is 6″ by 6″ Ink and Mixed Media on Aquabord, varnished and framed. $150.00 plus shipping.


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  1. Whimsical always comes to mind when I see your imaginative work! So inventive and I love the stories!

  2. Well, I think Seahorse would have a better chance of delivery if he didn’t pout. Your imagination is wonderful. Do you create the stories first or the painting?

  3. I love, love, love this!!! The colors are magical and the contrast in patterns is riveting – the delicate flowers at the top contrasted with the methodical fern-like foliage at the bottom. Wonderful!

  4. I am deeply honored, and touched. Thank you. of course, now the tables are turned and I am the envious one since all of my artwork is now done in the form of publication design. I long for the days of carrying around an art portfolio filmed with nothing but my own whimsy.

    And as for the delightful package that Bumblepuss has delivered—I want one too! Send him to Seattle 😉

  5. Really lovely color combinations, and I was very interested to learn that you do your backgrounds with a gouache mixture instead of straight watercolor. Thanks for that tip!

  6. Another adorable creation……love BumblePuss, friends, and company. Your short stories are great too! Will check out the Green Blog…..always nice to pass on another interesting fellow blog……

  7. Susan Smith

    How sweet! Perfect for an infant’s room!

  8. Love the bright yellow flowers with the wonderful blue background. Love how they frame your expressive creatures! Beautiful as always Susan 🙂

  9. David

    You made it work. Next time value study.

  10. The blue background and yellow flowers almost give it a vintage wallpaper feeling. Very cool!

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