Trip The Light Fantastic

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Wow oh wow, was this fun to do. I have been working on this painting for sometime now and am thrilled with how bright and vibrant it is. I hope you feel  joyful after looking at this. I love the psychedelic colors.

For those of you who don’t know my process, I was recording the time it took to make this painting.

So here it is:

6 hours for the initial drawing in pencil and then a rest for a few days to re look and revise.

1 hour for revisions.

4 hours  for inking the outline in with a crow quill pen and indelible ink.

And now time to take a guess to win a beautiful set of cards!!!!

This took me quite awhile. I have been working on this on and off for 3 weeks and if you take a guess at how many hours I painted this, leave a comment below.  I will mail a pack of lovely new cards to the person who is closest. I have a little more tweaking for a few creatures and this painting will be set to go.

I will be sending this painting off to Belgium for an exhibit at the Chateaux de Waroux for a  September exhibition if this doesn’t sell before then. Of course, I would happily send it off to a new owner. And yes, Chateaux de Waroux is one of the rare round castles! You can learn about it in the link above.

Chateau Waroux

This is a 9″ by 12″ ink and watercolor on Aquabord and is for sale for $550 varnished and framed in a cherry frame.


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15 Responses to Trip The Light Fantastic

  1. This may be one of your most vibrant and intricate designs!

  2. This is “sheer Joy!” I love it! I am fascinated with the different patterns in the leaves of the plant on the right and I keep discovering new things in this painting!
    I would guess that you have about 30 hours in this one – probably more.

  3. Brooke Albrecht

    Congratulations Susan, that’s so great! I enjoyed reading your process.

  4. My guess is 30 hours (it’s probably more than that). The painting is fabulous! Happy to hear you are exhibiting again this year in Belgium.

  5. Beautiful! I love it! I would guess you put in 8 hours a day at least, every day. I just did two small paintings, one for my Dad, and one for my mother’s birthday. I told her how many hours were in each of them, and she was shocked… she had no idea. My guess is 120 hours at least. Enjoy your week Susan 🙂

  6. Susan Smith

    Very cheerful and “summery” and would an excellent welcome painting in a entry foyer for an office or home.

  7. David Formanek

    Good work, Susan. Nice all-over quality to the composition.

  8. Terrific patterns. My favorite is all the foliage and flowers all the bottom, and the vine with the different patterned leaves. Lots of fun to look at!

  9. Ray H.

    Looks GREAT Susan! I will guess 60 hours, only because I know you have a busy schedule with your full-time occupation…

  10. Looks like you are enjoying your summer! Another beautiful piece……and congrats on another opportunity in Belgium! Okay my WAG is……22 hours?

  11. “Fun” is just the word that came to mind when I saw your lovely painting. I just spent 4 hours this morning painting a little pic of my own–and I am only the tiniest bit as careful and meticulous are you are. Your results are quite amazing! My guess is 40 hours.

  12. Great guesses. It actually took about 84 hours. Yes, truly. I work 3 days a week but paint every day and this one I was intent on finishing. In fact I have changed it a little bit, making the weebly toy purple and blue to stand up against the patterns at the bottom of the painting. Sheila, you are the winner!

    • WOW! I am in Vegas right now with family, and I told them I need to go play the slots! This is my lucky day! I thought for sure I was following your blog but I signed up for it now. Oh I am so excited!

  13. sharonlee mclean

    Love your process. What a joyful painting.

  14. I just found your blog and had to make a comment. I LOVE your whimsical , fantastical illustrations. So much fun and charm!

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