Bearing Strait and Gicleé give away for new blog followers.

Bearing Strai

I have been working on this painting for quite a while. There is so much going on in this painting, that I have spent a long time trying out colors and working out variations in the  patterns and ways to accentuate the creatures that I want you to notice.

This is another painting on aqua board. I am finding this leopard keeps making an appearance in my paintings. I think I need to give him a name.


Corner detail.

This painting is sold.

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Enjoy the beautiful weather that is coming up this week. Our witch hazels and snowdrops are blooming. Here is hoping the earth awakens in New England this week.


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7 Responses to Bearing Strait and Gicleé give away for new blog followers.

  1. The amount of detail in this one is staggering! You are one busy artist! Hope you get lots of new subscribers, because it will be fun for THEM to see your new work in their Inbox every time you post! Crazy, but I just love that blue bush with the light blue berries!

  2. How about a “name the leopard” contest?

  3. Victoria Hall

    All of your lovely art reminds me of my favorite time…The 60’s. I am wondering if you grew up in those psychedelic times 🙂

  4. Love this painting. Almost reminds me of a Rousseau jungle painting, so full of life and detail. Great work!

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