The Curious Jungle, or Paws For Reflection

Drawing inked in.

Painting in Process.

Curious Creature or Pause for Reflection


I have been working on this piece, The Curious Jungle, or Paws for Reflection, for the past several days. I wanted to make a painting with a panther in a dense landscape. I am continuing to use ink and watercolor on Aqua Board and have really enjoyed looking through my books by Henri Rousseau while I have been working on this piece.

These works are getting away from the idea of the baseline and the register as I am mixing the flora and fauna  together. I used several luminescent watercolors in this painting and one notices a reflective quality to it. It is nice to be able to varnish these works on board instead of framing them under glass. There is something special about getting so close to it.

This painting is 8″ by 10″ and framed in a black shadow box with a light maple exterior. This painting is for sale for $425.

If you would like to see it framed please email me at


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4 Responses to The Curious Jungle, or Paws For Reflection

  1. Wonderful, Susan! I love to hear about your process, and I am excited about the luminescent colors! This one’s a beauty!

  2. Ed

    Hi Sue,
    Rousseau, sure, and a little Bonnard creeping in also maybe. I love Medynology. And the fish scale skies, related to the flowers in that other one, nice invention!

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