Tough Bird

My friend Kathrine Lovell lent me a book on various chickens and I liked the pose of this one. I love  the look on his face. He seems to be saying “Don’t mess with me”. I have the feeling I have raised a chicken like this before. He wouldn’t go in his house, he strutted across the road in Arlington, MA, he slept on the top of a chair on our porch and he led the rest of the birds down the road to meet Alex as he got off the school bus every day.

Chickens though aren’t destined for long lives and one day a mama fox snatched him away.

This guy is painted on  2″ deep cradled aqua board and is 6″ by 6″ and for sale for $150 plus $10.00 shipping. If you are interested please contact me at

I am busy making these chicks for upcoming South Coast Artist Open Studios August 18th and 19th. It is a great weekend to come on down and tour the many artists studios in this lovely coastal area. for more information.


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  1. Andie

    I love this! His posture and the look on his face has a very Japanese feel…wonderful!

    • Thanks Andie,
      So glad you are following my blog.
      Don’t know why I am doing birds but am just in the mood. Found they sold the best at open studios in July.

  2. I love the feathers, so many colors! Nicely done! Have you ever seen a powderpuff chicken? I’m not sure if that is the name, but they have a big poof of feathers on top of their heads and I keep meaning to draw one of those. 🙂

    • Feathers, we don’t use enough feathers in real life. I loved that my dad had a hat with a feather in it that he used to wear.I will look up the chicken and give a try drawing it. We can compare our variations!

  3. Just found you. Like your freshness.

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