Calendar Girls 2016

I haven’t been posting in awhile so it is time to catch up!  It has been a very busy winter. I had a knee replacement October 26th. I am happy to say it feels great and I am thrilled to be out of pain.  I have been busy making sketches and preparing for summer open studios (if you can imagine that).

I hope you enjoy seeing these pieces. If you are interested in any of these,  you should know that they are all framed and available for sale. You can email me at susanmedyn(at)

Calendar Girls

                                       Calendar Girls       Ink and Watercolor 12″ x 9″    $600                                                            

Petting The Human

Petting The Human   Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord  10″ x 8″   $400


Owling   Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord   12″ x 9″ This has a lovely coper pattern in the night sky that glows in daylight.  $600


Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk  &” x 5″ Ink and Watercolor   $75.00

The Trees Are Alive

The Trees Are Alive,  Ink and Watercolor   3.5″ x 2.5″        $35                       


Surge Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord 6″ x 6″   $100 framed

Reef Madness

Reef Madness  Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord 6″ x 6″   $100 framed

Sea Anemone

  Sea Anemone Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord 6″ x 6″   $100 framed

Rising Tide

Rising Tide   Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord 6″ x 6″   $100 framed


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4 Responses to Calendar Girls 2016

  1. Wow! you have been busy! Glad you are back. your work always puts a smile on my face!

  2. Oh Joy! So glad the pain is behind you Susan 🙂 These are so wonderful! Really have missed your work. The last one is simple perfection! Petting the human, hilarious! Love them all.

  3. Fantastic…..its great to see all the new work you have. I especially like the abstracts…..Rising Tide is beautiful!! Glad to hear knee surgery went well for you too!

  4. Yes, I’ve been a bit worried … Very happy to know you are back and no longer in pain. It’s been a bit of a long haul, hasn’t it? Love your Calendar Girls. I particularly like ‘Owling’. I have a ‘history’ with owls. And look at that lovely ghost! Have a wonderful 2016. 🙂

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