Venus Ascending

Venus Ascending

Here I am again playing with cats and adding a bull like creature from the Egyptian Orientalizing period.

Good Karma happening here!

To purchase this  7″ by 5″ Ink and Watercolor on Aqua Board, varnished and framed in a shadow box frame, click below.


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7 Responses to Venus Ascending

  1. Karen

    How clever! Love the background color.

  2. How do you manage to be so prolific even while on retreat? Lovely colors and composition!

  3. Your paintings always take more than a glance. Interesting and deep. I love the blue background as well. I’ve been experimenting painting on aqua board. May I ask what you use for varnish?

  4. Susan James

    Another fabulous painting…

  5. I do love this. The background reminds me both of the backgrounds in some medieval illuminated manuscripts and oriental decoration: in this I’m thinking Arabic/Iznik. To use this to express a Greek myth is clever.

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