Cuttyhunk Life

Cuttyhunk Island

Cuttyhunk Island

Sometimes the best way to show a most wonderful experience is without too many words. I was blessed to go to Cuttyhunk Island for a 5 day retreat with 11 other incredibly wonderful women.

Paths crossing into town.

Paths crossing into town.



Island view

Island View….Golf Carts only on the paths!

Nasawena Island

Nashawena Island with an official population of 2.

View of Gay Head from My Room at the Avalon Inn

View of Gay Head from My Room at the Avalon Inn. Rumor is Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra spent a night at the inn.

General Store and Me

General Store and Me. Funny that we often don’t know what our fellow bloggers look like. I hope to meet may of you in my lifetime.

Cuttyhunk Library

Cuttyhunk Library

Fisherman's Club, the only place that serves any food in the summer and that is just breakfast!

Cuttyhunk Fishing Club, the only place that serves any food in the summer and that is just breakfast! And the place where president’s and rich New Yorkers went to escape the crowds.

The laughter of women together!

Making party attire.

Yes we were having a birthday party for Lucy who turned 69!

The Joy of women together.

And Lucy turns 69!

And Lucy turns 69! with our venerable yoga teacher and massage therapist, Mary Ann, and retreat co -organizer Teri Bordenave.

Dottie and Curtice

Dottie and Curtice

Getting a tour from Kathryn,the director of the Cuttyhunk Historical Society.

Getting a tour from Kathryn, the director of the Cuttyhunk Historical Society.

Part of a painting!

Part of a painting!

Playing painting

Loved making some small paintings.

Cuttyhunk Chapel as I struggle with the process.

Cuttyhunk Chapel as I struggle with the process of trying to complete it.

Going Home.

Going Home.

IMG_3523And Back to life at home.

  Well I was told I would fall in love with Cuttyhunk and I did. The co-organizers of the Artist’s retreat, Teri and Ellie pampered us in ways that left us free to spend our days following our own artistic path. The joy, the laughter, the beauty. Thank you to each of the woman who brought their gift of themselves to the island to share with one another.





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  1. Wow, what fun! I love islands , esp. in New England that have some history. Several years ago I visited Vinalhaven off the coast of Maine. It’s where my great-grandfather came from. He left in the 1840’s and ended up in Utah! The island was like stepping back 100 years. I found out that the nieghboring island, Northhaven, is an artists’ colony. What fun it would be to live there and just paint and sew.

    • Pam,
      Cuttyhunk is much smaller than Vinalhaven – I’ve spent a lot of time on Cuttyhunk the past 3 decades and some time on Vinalhaven too, as my husband’s Aunt & Uncle have an old house there. Come to our 2013 Artists’ Retreat, paint and sew with a group of other artists here on Cuttyhunk Island! This place is rich with history, beautiful views of neighboring islands (including Martha’s Vineyard, some of the other Elizabeth Islands), and the mainland. The Ferry leaves from New Bedford, as does the Water Taxi. Check out our website to learn more:
      Teri & Ellie

  2. Margaret Née

    Beautiful Susan!! Both you and the island. It is close to my parents in Falmouth but I’ve never been there. Auto correct added a French accent to my name. It’s true, I am née Nee

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I was fortunate to spend a week on the Vineyard several years ago, and this brought back so many memories, especially the view of Gay Head.
    I love your wonderful, whimsical work!

  4. What a wonderful retreat…such beauty surrounded you! And so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing the pictures and letting us join in the fun!

  5. Susan James

    Looks like it was a wonderful retreat…

  6. Susan….these are gorgeous! Is this off the coast of MA? What a fabulous place for an artist retreat! How did you find out about this? I bet you are now inspired to paint even more!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Susan, Ellie & I and the rest of your fellow artists, were delighted to spend that time with you on beautiful Cuttyhunk! We look forward to next year’s retreat and being with you again! Be sure to tell your friends and contacts that we’d love to have them join us as well and to visit our website,

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