Apparition and Special Visitors



This lime green man is wondering if he is the Apparition or the if the creature from a greek vase is. This was so much fun to paint. I love using strong colors and was able to complement those wild pink flowers and glowing  poppies with a dramatic blue background. The tree on the right is gold paint and glows. The colors in the image below are a tad lighter than the actual picture but close.

This painting is 7″ by 5″ and ready to hang. It is framed in a black and wood frame. You can get a better idea of it from the picture below. It is one of my favorites. It is for sale for $195.IMG_5127

The wonderful thing about blogging is you meet so many fabulous artists either virtually or on the rare occasion in person. My most recent open studios started with a delightful surprise. Fellow artist and blogger, Fay Terry stopped in to visit on her way to a workshop in Maine. She is a wonderfully talented woman and totally delightful. I am so thrilled she stopped by and  hope that in my travels to North Carolina to visit my sister that I have a chance to meet her and visit her studio.

Fay Terry visits 8-17-2013

And I am thrilled to report Bitsy is prancing and dancing when we let her out of her cage. She still is not allowed to jump so I have her on a leash and harness. She is not so keen on that. But she loves sitting on the bed and getting petted! And only 5 more days to sign up for my blog to be entered in a drawing to win a gicleé. It has been a quiet month so the odds are really good this time around. More exciting news next post…



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3 Responses to Apparition and Special Visitors

  1. Karen

    Love the painting.
    So glad Bitsy is on the mend. Give her an ear scratch from me 🙂

  2. Linda Nickles

    As always, your colors are fresh and vibrant, Susan. It’s good to see the photo of you and Fay!

  3. WOW, this is a bright painting! I love the colbalt blues and bright reds……I have experimented with metallic paints but w mixed results. Glad your gold is working out.
    Super to meet fellow artists! I met one of my favorite artists, Alicia Wishart (from Canada) literally by coincidence at a local festival.

    And awesome to hear Bitsy is doing much better….she looks happier!

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