Egyptian Jungle and Bitsy Update.

Egyptian Jungle

I have always loved looking at  Greek objects especially those that have creatures in the Egyptian Orientalizing style. We were fortunate to see many at the Antikensammlung Museum in Munich, Germany. I only had time to make a few sketch’s as we had so much to see.  I was able to  incorporate some of my drawings into this 12″ by 9″ Ink and watercolor on Aqua Board. The owl is listening in. Maybe he will get to hear about our trip. I promise I will get to that in a future blog post. This painting has sold.


I am happy to report that Bitsy is feeling better. She is moving around more and needs such careful watching. Keeping her from jumping onto furniture is quite the challenge.

Thank you everyone who has participated in my cart sale. It was a tremendous success. I have mailed out all the paintings and cards and have heard that some people have already received them. I just need to arrange delivery of 2 paintings. I cannot tell you how thankful I am by the outpouring of  love for Bitsy and our plight. As I type she is resting her paw on my hand.

I still have a few more paintings at special Cat + Art sale prices that I will be posting soon. Joanne Grant will also be doing a special cart blog post on Monday August 12th so hop over to her site and take a peak. Her pastels are not to be missed. And of course open studios is coming up August 17th and 18th. The South Coast is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and the ocean swimming is great.



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8 Responses to Egyptian Jungle and Bitsy Update.

  1. Beautiful, inspiring colors! Love the owl’s expression and the new animals too! Good to hear about Bitsy getting better! <3

  2. OH, I always love your colorful imagination. So much to digest in every piece!!! and I am glad Bitsy is doing better…what a scare!

    I visited joanne Grant’s blog and love it. I tried to sign up to follow it but it would not accept my url…therefore I could not. ;( Looks like a good blog though and I will try to remember to visit from time to time.

  3. So happy to hear that bitsy is feeling better!
    Your paintings are like visiting another wonderful little world! I Love this one!

  4. Love the new piece! So happy your cart sale was a success! Oh, I’m so happy Bitsy’s on the mend. What a crazy Summer!

  5. Wow this is different than your others……there’s alot of texture in the animals….really like the central figures (ox and Egyptian creature not sure what it is)…..
    And Bitsy looks better…..I’m sure you were scared! Sometimes pets can go surprisingly quick….so glad she is better!!

  6. Your characters are really showing the concern you have been sharing with all of us about your dear Bitsy. The rhythm of your paint strokes give this painting a special emotional slant. Maybe a little less happy, but certainly very moving. I feel relieved for your kitty’s recovery. Cheers!

  7. Wishing you a great Open Studio week-end, Susan. I love all your latest works.
    You never know who might show up! Hope you have lots of fun.

  8. Susan,
    Your creativity amazes me. Your paintings are so fun to look at and this new piece really fits the bill.

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