Snake Charmer

snake charmeraugust 2013©

When it comes to imaginary creatures I seem to have no lack of new ones that pop into my head and make it to the paper. I wanted to paint a wild creature who just by looking at her you knew she could tame snakes. Well I think I accomplished that. Possibly even could scare them away.

The flower on the upper right comes from a drawing I made of flowers on a sugar bowl that was on our outdoor table at the Hotel Opera where we spent our last night in Munich. When we went out to dinner we decided to eat nearby and found some lovely outdoor restaurants. Only 2 cars went by during the 2 plus hours we sat and dined…and one of them was a cab. Heaven!

It was wonderful to be in a city where public transportation and clean air is so valued.

This is a 7″ by 5″ Ink and Watercolor framed in a black frame and ready to hang. Bitsy tells me that this one still needs to be at the special Cart(Cat+ art) price of $150 so I am not arguing with her. I already have sympathy knee pain and found out from the orthopedist that I need a new knee.  OY! I am hoping to put it off a bit as I have lots on my agenda for the next few months.

And I am going on an Artists Retreat to Cuttyhunk Island in September! Wonderful! This was a very special gift and I will share more next post.


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7 Responses to Snake Charmer

  1. Karen

    Only you, could create a charming snake! I think I still have an electric, ice water circulating pump, that wraps around the knee, if you could use it. I use to plug it into my inverter on car trips. Good thoughts your way!

  2. David

    This is the Susan Medyn work I like.

  3. Can’t wait to see the varmints you dream up out on Cuttyhunk. Any room in your tripod bag for a stowaway? Is my favorite place to view 360° of ocean!!! PS Love the snake!

  4. steve nover

    I especially like this, very playful &
    brings a smile on- she might be wild but I can handle her & out do her in a staring contest

  5. Love your snake charmer! Your paintings are so full of fun!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. That doesn’t sound good. Hope you are able to put that off for a good long time. Take care

  6. Once again a plethera of wonderful creatures! I love the “hidden” ones best….like the little ones on the lower left and right corners. The dragon snake is fab as well as the curled “slug” snake.

    Have nice time at the retreat……I just got back from my own hiatus…..could use another one!

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