Petting the Human

petting the human1©

I am working on a new piece with some of my imaginary creatures. I have figured out the color scheme and am doing something I haven’t done before. I am painting the background in first. This is the most tedious part of painting on aqua board as the strokes all need to be in one direction and with the same consistency of color. I look forward to posting the finished piece later in the week.

Happy Thursday to all. Yesterday it was breezy all day and then last night the north wind blew for hours. I hope everyone stayed warm. We lit a fire which kept the house very cozy.



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  1. Teri

    I love all the detail and variety in the leaves, Susan & can’t wait to see how this painting unfolds…thanks for sharing your process!

  2. you have such a great imagination…love the creativity in your work.

    • Maria,
      I really appreciate your comments. When I paint I am creating a world I would love to be in. Wouldn’t it be nice if our pets took care of us!

  3. Susan James

    You just keep getting better and better…

  4. Hi Susan! Love the title and subject here! Your designs are so much fun!

  5. Too fun!! Cracks me up. (On a side note, I’ve been experimenting with painting my backgrounds first too, so far so good.) Can’t wait to see this one in color.

  6. LOL….love the title… to see it completed…..will be fun…….

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