I almost dumped this painting. I drew it one day in pencil, inked it another and painted it for 10 hours ( yup 10 hours) today. And I was not happy with the background. It was too dark. So I changed the color of it and painted the background gold.

It did not look right. My husband, knowing my frustration suggested I run it under the sprayer in the kitchen sink to see what would happen.

Well, my painting appeared!

I was so surprised. The gold was made from  mica chips and titanium white paint and it all washed away. So here is my very 20 hour day 15 painting.Of course it is another of my jungle type Rousseau paintings Medyn style. It is named for the little lady sitting on top of the world and enjoying herself.

This is an 8″ by 10″ Ink and Watercolor on Aqua Board. It is framed in a wood shadow box frame that is painted black. It is for sale for $450.00.

To purchase you can click the buy now button or contact me at susanmedyn(at)



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6 Responses to SHE’S ON TOP! DAY 15 OF 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS.

  1. I love this & love your risk-taking – great outcome. Title reminds me of my favorite Smith College t-shirt- “Smith: A Century of Women on Top”

  2. Kelley MacDonald

    You are fearless! This came out great – I think David should sign it, too!

    • David is a very good rescuer. He saved Anthea’s and my lives as we were about to go over a waterfall after a huge downpour canoeing in Vermont. He is a very clear thinker and his suggestion it worked. I had nothing to lose.

  3. Teri

    Day 15 of 30? Half way there, Susan and what a great challenge you’ve given yourself and lived up to! Congratulations! I love the stories and the paintings you’ve been sharing with all of us – your readers; thank you! You’ll be continuing this next month, right? Another 30 paintings in 30 days?

    • Oh course, 12 months of 30 days and I may go over the edge….not because I don’t paint daily, i do, but because the type of paintings I make take hours to complete and I haven’t figured out how to get 36 hours into a day.Thanks for cheering me on Teri.

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