2 Self Taught Artists from Europe and Holiday Cards

A work by Chantal Sellan

I found the work of French artist Chantal Sellan while browsing the web. She worked as a psychologist for many years. She was born in 1936  and started painting in 1980. Her works are in many public  and private collections.

Another self taught artist I found is from Denmark. Inge Selmer was born the same year I was (and I am not telling when that was)….but I love this Henri Rousseau like painting. She spent many years working in reflexology before starting her art career in 1983.  She has exhibited since 2004.

I have been working on some small paintings on aqua board of curious creatures and continue to work on my ink and watercolors of garden parties held by imaginary animals.

I am also making a series of Holiday Cards that I plan to have printed.

I like the simplicity of this one. It is on white watercolor paper but taking photo’s in the afternoon does not always get good results, especially when there is a cat jumping on the table repeatedly.


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  1. Susan, I think this is a FABULOUS holiday card. Very ‘you’ and just exactly enough! I predict success with this project!

  2. I left a comment 😉 wonderful Xmas card!! FYI link to Herald is broken or page gone.

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  3. Andie

    Love your art “finds”—thanks for sharing with us.
    The holiday card is darling. Cards are usually boxed in sets of 12 or 24, but you could easily do 8. I’d check the web for ordering envelopes if you don’t have a good source. The A6 size can be hard to find at a reasonable rate in office-supply shops. Arvey Paper (not sure if they are in your area) does stock them in different papers.

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