One from the Hawaii series and dining al fresco!

Shall We Dine?, Ink and Watercolor, 9″ by 12″, Private Collection

Think how nice it would be to eat al fresco on a lovely June day enjoying the company of friends and family. I love to celebrate the wonderful June birthdays in our family, my spouse, David,  and our son, Alex. Soon followed by our daughter Anthea’s birthday  and my sister-in-law, Ellen’s in early July.

I drew this painting while on a lovely vacation to Hawaii this past January. The trip was a present from my sister, who is one of my greatest supporters running neck and neck with my spouse who has always, and I mean always, encouraged me to continue making the kinds of paintings I make.

While in Hawaii, we sat on our balcony and watched rays swimming  below us ( there is one on the left side of the picture) and saw whales go by as we ate our breakfast . The plant life in Hawaii was even more colorful than my paintings and I have many photos of flowers and trees so I can include them in future paintings.

And it would be great if you are  able to come to the Art Stable Gallery Westport’s opening bash on June 22nd from 6:00PM to 8:30PM at 865 Main Road in Westport, MA. I have many works there with 7 other wonderful artists, Kelley MacDonald, Sara Fielding Gunn, Nancy Whittin, Kelly Milukas, Joney Swift, Kathleen Gray, and Karen Raus. The first party of the summer is always special.

So happy to post this new works. Would love to hear what you think about them.


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  1. Susan, I love that you have a Hawaiian theme! Your paintings are like jewels strewn across a beautiful white cloth – they sparkle with color! I hope you have enough paintings at the Art Stable Gallery – they are sure to fly off the walls!

    • Thanks Kelley. I made a new one yesterday and just have to keep working to get more paintings made. And of course a new camera t take better pictures of my work with.

  2. Teri

    Oooh Susan – I love the ray and the palm fronds are fabulous!

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