Watercolors by Susan Medyn

Providence, 2009, 9″x12″, Sold


You might enjoy looking at one of my newer watercolors entitled: EMBROILLED, EMBEDDED, EMBROIDERED. Just go to about.

CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS, 10″ x 14″, $500 framed, 2008

Captain’s Quarters can be seen at Gallery 55 in Natick, MA.

PIGGY BACK, 7″X10″, 2010, $175.00

Another Name That Painting, 2010, 7″ x 10″, $100

Garden Party  and several other paintings were at California Muse Gallery from May 1st, 2010 through June 30th, 2010.


GARDEN PARTY, 2009, 10″ x 14″, $600

No Name Painting, 2010, 7″ x 10″ $200

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If you are interested in purchasing artwork, please contact Susan Medyn at susanmedyn(at)cox(dot)net.

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9 Responses to Watercolors by Susan Medyn

  1. Miriam Forman-Brunell

    What a lovely and lively site! Well done.

  2. Patricia Barr

    Anthea, job well done! This really showcases Susan’s wonderful art; I am proud to own a sample!

  3. Christine Dowd

    Hurray – the site looks great!

  4. nancy, kaj & max

    Really great. But you are the exception….I find the originals even more tasty! It´s a beautiful webpage and looks like it will bring you success. But I do miss the texture of the paper (originals) maybe you can take some pictures of your framed work in a natural environment – like hanging on a wall of a room!
    Happy new year
    the swedes

  5. Dorli Simon

    Hi! I left a comment at the gallery but don’t know whether you got it.
    I love your pictures. They are absolutely wonderful.
    Love from Dorli

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