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30 in 30 coming up! Nose Ring and Happy 2014!

Nose Ring S Medyn © 2014


Happy New Year! I am participating in Leslie Byrd Saeta’s 30 in 30 but have set a goal to make small works in between making larger paintings for a group exhibit in Poland this Spring. Hop on over to Leslie’s page to see the works of  360 artists who are participating in this painting challenge.

My life has been quite busy. I thought I had the past week off but ended up working one day with clients in crisis and then spent a few days in upstate NY helping my mom out after a surgery. She is 87 and is doing great. The 7 hour  trip home though was through a pelting rainstorm. Luckily we were able to stop off at a good friend’s for a visit. This year brings many changes in my life and I am planning to relish them.


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A Lovely Day For A Stroll

A Lovely Day For a Stroll

A Lovely Day For a Stroll

The snow has come and the air is cold but not for this elephant and giraffe. They are warm and cozy and have moved to a new home in New York City. Working on aqua board is a challenge as the surface is hard on my nibs. The color sinks into the medium and often requires more than one coat of paint, unlike how one normally paints with watercolors.

I have had a few days off and have made 4 more paintings in the style of Henri Rousseau  although I have not yet painted them. My high school friend, Andie Ptak,  a graphic designer, suggested I make an adult coloring book of my drawings. I am taking her  advice and am scanning each of my drawings into my computer prior to painting them. I am not sure if I will follow through on this project, but I will have the scans should I ever decide to do so.

I wish you all a joyous and peaceful New Year. Thank you all for following my blog and supporting my journey as an artist.

And as the philosopher  Jean-Jacques Rousseau said:  “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”



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Happy Day!

Hot Tamales


Just some cheery guys that like to hang around.

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