Fish Finder


I wanted to post a lovely little 6 by 6 fish painting already framed. $100 SOLD

Speaking of fish, we were reeling in the skip jacks today.

Looks like we will be having fish for dinner for the next 3 days.

And if you are thinking about purchasing art, this is a nice time to get ahead of the holiday rush.


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  1. Luciana Mariano


  2. David

    skipjacks = young bluefish, a Rhode Island regionalism

  3. This is wonderful Susan! I love the flow you have going. These creatures are so engaging! The bright blue and red, everything really pops! I tried to pin this and it was asking for a url parameter… just letting you know. I wasn’t able to pin it. Lovely!

  4. I love the eye movement in this and how you have directed the eye around the painting with things like “fish tails!” The two blue fish in the center are wonderful and having quite a conversation!

  5. Vibrant and calming at the same time! Lovely!

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