Pleased To Meet You!


Don’t you just remember that perfect summer party! The one where the weather was beautiful, the food and company were grand, and you meet that special person who became your best friend or your life sweet heart.

I remember the first time I saw my husband. It was at a wonderful opening at The Albany Institute of Art. I went there with my college roommate. I was a bit shy and tentative.  I was looking through one end of a model train engine trying to keep busy. My eyes met the man I married peering at me through the other end.  We looked up and then it was history. Amazing how I still can remember that moment, what room we were in, the people around, the color of the carpet, all preserved like a photo.

Do you know who is having that moment in this painting?

I do. Who do you think the happy couple is?

This is a 9″ by 12″ ink and watercolor on Aquabord  framed in  a cherry frame.


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  1. Luciana Mariano

    Beautiful, joyous painting and lovely story Susan!
    The cute green creature caught my eyes, so I believe she just found the love of her life 🙂

  2. Your work always makes me smile…and the story…well that will keep me smiling all day long!

  3. Love “This Magic Moment”! There’s so much going on but the world has stopped for those two!
    I remember the moment I met my husband. I was actually going steady with someone else, and I thought to myself “Oh, crap…” But fate made us friends and then… as you say, the rest is history!

  4. Julia Selinger

    So many connections being made in this one. I am particularly drawn to sweet curly blue and frilly green couple in the corner

  5. This is so fascinating, romantic and whimsical! I love, love, love it! I also have a moment I will always remember – you have captured the moment!

  6. steve nover

    cool Susan-don’t remember hearing about your 1st meeting…….though it could be my memory

  7. Oh this is wonderful Susan. I love your “Love Story” and what is happening in this painting is so sweet. I love the tree, and the variations in the sky color. Your light is wonderful. Of course your gorgeous flowers and your curious creatures are captivating as well. Love this 🙂

  8. David

    It was a model of New York Central 999, for those who are interested.

  9. Wonderful and captivating story and artwork!

  10. What a sweet story…..and the new work matches perfectly…….the green creature looks like her eyes are sparkling….so smitten! 🙂
    The red poppies are like cupid’s hearts floating all about……
    Really lovely piece!

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