Bumble Puss Takes A Rest


It is always a gift to have good friends to lean on. These cool rainy days make the peach colored  bumble puss tired. Luckily his friend is the perfect size to lean on. If you are wondering if there is a bumblebee in the painting, he is all dressed up in red and blue waiting to get some nectar from the poppy blossoms.

I hope everyone has fared the torrential rains safely.  My husband always said of global warming that the pot boils more furiously and we sure are having tremendous fluctuations in our weather patterns.

If you are near Arlington, MA on thursday May 8th, I will be at a Meet The Artist Event (me) at The Artful Heart Gallery in Arlington Center from 6-9PM. Stop in for some wine and cheese and to see my new work. Save the date as I would love to see you all.

6″ x 6″ Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord. $100.


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5 Responses to Bumble Puss Takes A Rest

  1. Susan Smith

    Looks like Arthur! Keep painting! Do not stop, just go go go!

  2. Luciana Mariano

    Good luck with the event! Bumble puss is the cutest!

  3. This is just so happy! Have a wonderful event Susan!

  4. Bumblepuss is just adorable—and what a delightful name! I could see a series of children’s books based on him (her?). And who wouldn’t love a Bumblepuss plushy!

  5. Yes…..these characters would be great for a kids book…..congrats and good luck w the Artist Event!

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