Anthea’s Easter Skating Party

Along with an Easter basket, our children often received Easter paintings. This one was for Anthea who was quite a good ice skater in her time. In her early days as a skater she did a solo piece along with Jenny Kirk ,who later became the World Junior Champion 2000 and a 4 continents champion. Anthea and Jenny  both had the same coach when they were 9.

Happy Easter.   Wesolych Swiat.    Joyeuses Pâques.     Boa Pascoa.

That’s all I know folks!


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  1. I love the bunnies—and your multi-lingual message. You made me think of going to Sacred Heart on Easter Saturday and getting the basket of breakfast blesses. Wesolych Swiat.

  2. Bright! I love the vibrant colors (polka dot creature), clean background, and cute ice skating shoes for all….

  3. Lovely! And how is it that you know “Boa Pascoa?” 🙂 We had a lovely Pascoa yesterday…hope your day was nice, too!

  4. Love the bunnies and baskets. How fun to get an Easter painting!

  5. Ice skating party, so fun! I love their teeny ice skates! I took lessons as a tiny person but did not make it very far. 🙂

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