I struggle to achieve mastery over color. It is one of my major challenges. I  tried to have a more mature palette by mixing complimentary colors. My goal was to create a jungle scape that was more harmonious. I am seeing new possibilities in coloration.

Now the challenge is to stay the course.

This is a 7″ by 5″ ink and watercolor on Aquabord framed in a shadowbox frame.



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6 Responses to Pondering

  1. Luciana Mariano

    Beautiful contrast! I love the powerful red sky!

  2. Ooouu! I love this! Wonderful colors, and your plant life is so lively!

  3. Using a mix of bright colors always takes courage. I have a poster of a Matisse painting hanging in my office. It uses a similar palette to the one you’ve used in this piece. Both are bold and beckoning. On yours, I especially like how the use of turquoise draws your idea to the gravel leopard—bravo!

  4. David

    Thanks for including me.

  5. Bravo! New work……love the fantastic colors, patterns, and textures. Very spring appropriate!

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