You Don’t Say!

10_You Don't Say, 2010, Medyn copy

Something interesting is happening here. Check out who is sharing some juicy gossip!  30 creatures hanging out….see if you can find them all.

A little cheer for a cold March day. This  is a 10″ x 7″ Ink and Watercolor on 300 pound Arches cold press paper, matted and framed in a beautiful maple frame. Measures 16″ x 13″ framed.


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8 Responses to You Don’t Say!

  1. Fay Terry

    This one feels like spring! Love all the soft colors
    and as always your cast of cutie characters
    in the “story” are fascinating. Happy March!

  2. How imaginative you are. I did look hard to count, but didn’t find all 30. I listened to their gossip though as I totally drawn in. Your paintings are such fun and colorful.

  3. This is wonderful!!!

  4. Lovely, colorful, cheerful, like a (fun) party !

  5. Wow…..had fun trying to count all of them up……try as I might…..could only find 27…..there must be some well hidden ones……bravo….you got me stumped!

  6. Oh Clara there are actually 31 if you count that 3 heads are 3 creatures and then count the little guy below.

  7. Andie

    I would just love to attend one of these “parties.” The guests seem so interesting.
    Have you ever thought of hooking up with a writer to create a children’s book based on your characters? They are so Dr. Seuss-like.

  8. I can hear all these whispering voices. Excited and happy chatter!

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