Keka Phone and IPad Designs are here!

iPhone4_PC_Template-(Little-Guys)GalaxyS4_PC_Template-(Here's-Looking-At-You)- iPad_Mini_PC_Template-(Egyptian-Jungle) iPad_Mini_PC_Template-(Yes-We-can!) iPad2-3-4_PC_Template-(Jungle-Flower) iPhone4_PC_Template-(Peek-A-Boo) iPhone5_PC_Template-(Poppies)
GalaxyS3_PC_Template-(Jungle-glow) iPhone4_PC_Template-(Sheepish) iPhone5_PC_Template-(Coupling)

I hope you will check out my  snap on phone and IPad cases at Keka. This link will take you directly to my page. They are really well made and if you use COLOR25 you will receive a 25% discount on  your phone or IPad cover! Shipping is free of charge. The black silicone liner that is 5.00 extra adds a nice level of protection. I am loving mine.I have had some great feedback on these.

Which one do you like best?

And please let me know what your thoughts are if you already have one or are getting one!

Happy Monday!



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57 Responses to Keka Phone and IPad Designs are here!

  1. Best case I ever had! Everyone comments on it.

  2. Wow…..these look awesome……my favorite is the jungle scene on the Ipad case……..gorgeous colors and textures….

  3. When my current iPhone or iPad cover die, I’ll definitely check these out. My favorite is the poppies. It definitely makes me think of Polish folk art and festive clothing. It makes me want to wear a wreath of flowers with dangling ribbons on my head!

  4. Love these Susan!! So colorful and unique! Great idea to make your artwork a cell phone cover!

  5. Love the new cases Susan. They just take me back to childhood, coloring books, a new box of crayons, and hours of possibilities. So much fun!

  6. I love the vivid colors and great design of these covers.

  7. Congratulations, Susan, on this incredible line of cases. You have provided such a great variety of choices. I love “Little Guys” and I am mesmerized by the intricate pattern on the bright yellow.

  8. Oh my Susan, these are delightful. In a world replete with cheap looking cookie cutter products your Keka phone and Ipad cases are perfect for people who want to project an image of unique artistic vision.

  9. Susan, those cases are fantastic looking! I can’t decide which I like the most. Now I need a carload of phones to put them all on. XXOK

  10. mary books

    I love the red poppies on the blue background! But.. also the sheep and the duck facing each other. Hard choices!

  11. I have two of these cases made by Susan and they are quite lovely. The detail in the artwork translates very well to the case. I highly recommend them.

  12. Peri

    typically whimsical and special. I like the more abstract ones best (if they can be termed “more” abstract) but any one of them will make people look at your phone twice!

  13. Barbara Smith

    Wonderful, whimsical, colorful designs. It will be the talk of the town!

  14. What fun these are. Can I get them all!!!!!

  15. It’s important to note that beyond being beautiful – and they are SO beautiful, they are not just a hard case – they have a neoprene sleeve that is super protective. Beauty and Brawn, just perfection! Love those poppies!

  16. Raymond Hoffer

    I purchased one of Susan’s phone case designs for my grand-niece (Emily) for her 16th birthday. Her Mom (my niece) sent me the following
    email: “Emily loves the phone case. I went on the artist’s website… very cool stuff! Reminds me a bit of Maurice Sendak’s creatures in “Where the Wild Things Are”, just more vibrant and happier.” The following week I received a hand-written thank-you card from Emily with this quote: “Medyn’s pieces are truly works of art – the phone cases fit perfectly and the water colors are beautiful.” What more can anyone want when selecting a gift for a loved one?

  17. Wow Susan,

    Those are really good! Very appealing characters. I want one too. I’m guessing you like Rousseau and Thurber too.

  18. These are charming. just the right selection of art for phone case designs

  19. KathyKA

    Susan, I love all the cases! It will be great to carry around your colors and creatures on my phone; getting a case soon!

  20. Cathy Frank

    I love these wonderfully whimsical drawings. What color combinations !
    For iPhone covers I like the symmetrical designs very much.

  21. kelly m

    Susan, Love his application of your fantastical paintings…it makes communicating via a smartphone more fun. “yes we can” rules

  22. Susan, these are wonderful! I especially like the blue one with the orange poppies–maybe because it looks like quilting fabric! I wish I had a smart phone (I’m still using the “dumb” kind).

  23. Constance Saddlemire

    I love them, Susan! I plan to get an iPhone soon– I should probably go ahead and get a cover, so that I have it when I get the phone. I have three favorites: “Poppies”, “Sheepish”, and the one at the bottom, under “Sheepish”– how can I decide? It’s great to have such wonderful options!

  24. Oh, these are just SUPER, Susan! Favorite? I have to choose a favorite?? Really hard to do, but if forced to choose, I would have to choose the first and the last ones. I know that’s two…!

  25. These are awesome! I wish i had an iPhone or iPad so i could use one!

  26. Kathy Paolini

    Kathy Paolini

    I love all of these especially poppies
    They are awesome!

  27. Awash with all the beautiful color and character that always fills your work. Any of these would cheer the bleakest day. Lovely!

  28. Holly Whitney

    These are awesome! I love your work and now we can carry it around with us! Stunning!

  29. Little Guys, Egyptian Jungle, Coupling, Peek a Boo — there’s no way I could pick a favorite!


  30. They are all wonderful, can’t pick a favorite!!

  31. These look great, so colorful and interesting! Definitely different than most cases you see. I really like the botanicals and some of those crazy critters!

  32. Sherri L.

    The phone cases are really nice. I was so impressed by the quality of them. Not the flimsy plastic they sell in the mall kiosks. Instead, these are very sturdy and the designs look fantastic. The poppies are my favourite.

  33. Julia Selinger

    I love my new phone case! It is even lovelier in person than its image online. High quality, vibrant colour, gorgeous artwork- really striking, and I receive compliments on it regularly. I had a hard time choosing which design I liked best. I finally chose the Egyptian inspired design (3rd one down in the posted pics).

  34. I love them all, although if I had to pick a favorite I would say the poppies. What a nice change from the boring black one I now have!!

  35. April

    Just gorgeous. Makes me wish I had an iphone.

  36. These are so beautiful Susan! Love them!

    • These are such wonderful designs-they are perfect for making a phone (often such a source of aggravation into a joyful slab of microchips. I love them all but for some reason my eye keeps gravitating toward the blue floral with poppies. I’m not sure why-perhaps because it would make a great scarf. It looks like a historical textile with modern wit and whimsy

  37. These are very cute! I love how colorful they are!

  38. Hi Susan! These are all really good designs. My favorite is the first one. I love the intricacies of the natural organic designs on this cover. When I need a new cover, I will definitely check out your Keka designs.

  39. Hi Susan, I think my favourite one is the top one. I really like the colours!
    Lesley | Finch Five

  40. sharonlee mclean

    Actually I like all of them. If I had one of those phones I would be getting a couple of them. So creative and unique. So proud of you Susan. I truly do like ALL OF your designs.

  41. ants

    Oh the poppies! Does it work with the magnetic ipad cover?

  42. Teri

    At first, I thought the poppies was my favorite; now I’m not so sure! Too many choices, Susan – I just can’t decide because I love them ALL!


    I pity the fool who does not own
    one of Susan’s Kekacases for his phone.

  44. Hi Susan, These are fabulous, congratulations and best of luck with this venture. I love all of them and cannot decide which I love the most 🙂 Happy painting my friend, your art is beautiful. Love Marie xxx

  45. Hi Susan, They are all wonderful. My favorite one is the last one.

  46. Jay

    Love the poppies

  47. Will

    Hard to decide but Jungle Flower and Sheepish are my 2 most favorite.

  48. OHMYGOODNESS so many comments!!1 Your covers are amazingly creative and unique. I love your work!

  49. Sue Gifford Barrett

    Wow. These are gorgeous! I love them all. Not sure I could choose. Great work!

  50. Those Medyn heads popping out of “Yes We Can” are so you. Egyptian Jungle seems to flow around like the Amazon. Love these.

  51. Nancy O'Callaghan

    Great work Susan love them!

  52. Annie

    Sorry Susan just cannot pick one. They are all so gorgeous. Annie. Won’t let me put my address.

  53. How fun it was to select one for my daughter-in-law’s birthday! Know she’ll love this one; as a vet, what’s not to love about these adorable critters!

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