Boar Me

Boar Me

I have a lot of paintings to complete before the end of February-5  are inked in and waiting for color. Thank you Gary Heise for recommending high carbon ink. I was having so much trouble with my new Higgins waterproof ink that I had boiled off a third of it and tried to make do, but it doesn’t compare to Gary’s recommendations. I am back on track thanks to him.

Gary uses Chinese ink and watercolor to create beautiful idyllic Asian paintings. Check out his Facebook page under GaryHeisePainting.

We are going to New York this week to see my husband’s cousin who is here from Stockholm. Our daughter and son-in-law happen to be in Stockholm now on their way to Copenhagen. I am thinking they may have crossed in the airport.

With luck I will be on track when we return and use the end of the week to paint as much as I can.



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  1. It’s so interesting to see your unfinished work! So much detail already at this point. Love it! It’s going to be a good one!

  2. Andie

    So glad you got your ink dilemma straightened out. In some ways, it’s like getting a software upgrade that works very differently than the last generation 😉

  3. I like the play on words…..that big wild boar in the middle is fantastic! Don’t see too many boar paintings around. Look forward to seeing the colorized piece……have fun in NY!

  4. The detail of your work is so beautiful- and love the intensity of it.

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