High Heeled Chicken

High Heeled Chicken


A chicken always needs a good pair of high heels. Need I say more.

Sometimes it is hard to get a good photograph when using Arches cold press watercolor paper. The bumps on the paper cause the areas in-between to shadow to grey.

Sweet 7″ by 5″ Ink and Watercolor  already in a matte. $50.


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7 Responses to High Heeled Chicken

  1. You pack a lot to look at into a small space. She’s trying to look so inconspicuous in her red pumps.

  2. Don

    Nice chick in heels……have you tried just scanning the image directly into the computer. As long as small enough to fit on the scanner, this should work. Maybe the texture works against reproduction, without soft lighting.

  3. Adorable! Couldn’t resist, huh? I want red heels.

  4. Linda yoder

    You are right about the high heels! This is terrific!

  5. Susan Smith


  6. This just makes me smile!

  7. Always love your line-up paintings……such a menagerie of fantastic individuals….including the neat hedgehog thing in the front!

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