Will They?


I have been working to get more glow in my paintings and am finally succeeding. I am adding a little gouache and acrylic to parts of the painting. Can you tell that all the animals are wondering if these two creatures will become a couple?

I know they have been spending a lot of time together.

I picked this work up at the framers today. I decided to use a cherry frame and am so pleased I did. I feel the good karma in this painting.

Sometimes I am asked how long it takes for me to make a painting like this. I kept track of the hours and yes, this took 43 hours to do.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 8.44.02 PM

This weekend brings lots of nice events. I am planning to pick quince at Rocky Brook Orchard. Greg, the owner, has emailed me that the last of the quince will be ripe this weekend.  I love to make quince jam and quince paste.

I am gallery sitting at The Art Stable Gallery Westport on Saturday (stop in for a glass of champagne, to see all the new artworks, and to see what painting I will be working on).

On Sunday I have will be going to the opening of  ” BIRDS OF A FEATHER” at Kathrine Lovell’s Gallery and Studio at Tiverton Four Corners. The opening is from 1PM to 5PM and has some really cool work. I have 3 pieces in this exhibit. Kitty’s (Kathrine Lovell) openings have earned a reputation for a rocking good time so if you are in the area you will not be disappointed.

Will They?  is a 12″ by 9″ mixed media (first time I have used that term for these works) framed in a cherry frame.

To purchase contact me at susanmedyn(at)cox.net. I am always happy to work out a payment plan. Or click the link below.


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9 Responses to Will They?

  1. Really lovely~ yes, it glows~
    and the cherry frame is a perfect compliment! Wish I could be with you at Birds of a Feather! Hope there’s a stampede at the Stable!

  2. I love this crazy, whimsical painting!!! Yes – it glows, too!

  3. Andie

    This new piece is just delightful! The mix of new medium definitely adds depth. 43 hours!!! I’m not surprised since there is so much detail in your work.

  4. Wow! There’s really a glow and I LOVE the framing. The black matte adds a nice highlight and pops the warm colors nicely…..

  5. Julia Selinger

    So lush and vibrant- wonderful!

  6. So warm amd harmonic! Yes, they will!

  7. Susan James

    I wish I could see the glow from the online photo – I’m settling for imagining it for now. I didn’t count them all but I love all the creatures looking at the couple…

  8. Linda yoder

    Wow! 43 hours! It is beautiful!

  9. Beautiful colors and terrific creatures in this one! (Yes, I think they will. Haha.) Congratulations on all your gallery showings!

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