Cats in Coracle


This is a  commission of cats in a sail boat that I did for Captain Susan Smith. I wasn’t sure what a coracle was but she responded to my  proposal drawing with “Cats in Coracle” so I took that to mean it was a go. I  looked up  coracle and found it to be  an ancient round craft used in Wales. In case you have any doubt, here is an image of a coracle. I know my boat is leisurely drifting.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.55.43 PM

And thinking of commissions, this is a great time of year to order a painting for a holiday gift. I still have time to get a few more in. Just email me at

It’s that time again to make the quince paste and quince jam. I am going to try out a crock pot for the paste. Right now the house smells heavenly from 20 pounds of cooking quince.






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7 Responses to Cats in Coracle

  1. This is a fun one! Love your colors too!

  2. I love this one – the coracle – new word for me! Quince – love to get some paste!

  3. How lovely this piece turned out, Susan and what a treat to be able to see it in process! I loved learning about a coracle too – thank you for always being full of surprises!


  4. Linda Nickles

    Susan, I love the contrasting oranges and blues in this piece… outstanding! I must confess, that word “coracle” is new to me also. Thanks for enlightening us!

  5. Andie

    Lovely painting, and I appreciated the historical information on the coracle.

  6. Great…..a commission! And I learned a new word too…..coracle. I like the special touch of the name on the flag…..very nice composition…..and I also like the heron! Very nice piece of work!

  7. Susan Smith

    I am enjoying the painting greatly and Audry and Gilbert(felines) love it too!
    It will look lovely on my Pacific Seacraft when she returns to the water in April.
    Captain Susan E. Smith.

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