What are these things?

I Want To Hold Your Hand, 5″ by 7″ on aqua board. $ 95.00

I am having a lot of fun using a new surface for my paintings. I am making works on aqua board and think I will continue doing this as well as make my watercolors on Arches 300 pound watercolor paper.

This is called “Hair Grows” and is an Ink and Watercolor on aqua board. I like making smaller works. This is 6″ by 6″ and is SOLD. Thank you Jane. It will have a wonderful home.Thinking that this creature seems to be really mellow. Working on feeling that way too.

Looking for Lunch, 6″ by 6″ Ink and Watercolor on a 2″ deep cradle board.

Well, I was not as pleased with this one. My daughter likes it though so it will have a good home. I have found an interesting book, The Outsider Artist Resource Handbook and although I am not an outsider artist I am self-taught and a visionary artist. I have some works at a group show right now at Rope Walk Gallery in Mattapoisett, MA and at Imperial Gallery in Providence, RI.  I also have several works at The Artful Heart in Arlington, MA. I would love to hear what you think of these new little guys.


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  1. FUN! And I like the direction you’re going, too! Collectible! And *wink* hair grows – so on point! You are a busy lady and I hope all those shows are fun and profitable for you!

  2. Thanks Kelley..working on getting more bloggers too.
    Got a lot of these going on my table. Liking a new fish I am working on.
    Hope to paint with you soon.

  3. Teri

    Susan – I love both “Hair Grows” and “Looking for Lunch”! What fun! Your work always makes me smile…

    • Thanks Teri,
      I am working on some fish now as well as some others like these. So happy to be doing so. Learning a lot about the materials too.

  4. I prefer Looking for Lunch to Hair Grows! Where do you get your ideas?!

    • They are in my head…they just come out on the paper, but I do look at cycladic works and ancient Greek works as well as the art of Henri Rousseau, Picasso, many others. I like looking ant carvings of Egyptian animals, but mainly they come from my imagination.

    • My gosh, thanks. My ideas just pop out of my head. I truly don’t know where they come from, I put pencil to paper and create this little worlds!

  5. Ed

    Hi Susan,
    I like the scaly duck-billed water buffalo, the little creature sticking his head up on the right is a real star. In Looking for Lunch there’s The Fish! and the slug head creature is delightful, and unconcerned.

  6. You got it Ed. But our kitten knocked over looking for lunch and now I have a broken edge…will have to work up another one.

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