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The Caterpillar’s Hookah

I always loved Alice In Wonderland and have some framed chromolithographs in my office from an old book I had. One is Alice reaching up to the caterpillar on his mushroom. They remind me of my childhood being read to by my parents at bedtime.

I met a man during open studios who has several characters from Alice in Wonderland tattooed on him and they were quite cool. I wish he could have seen this painting. It has been on the wall of Partners General Store in Westport, MA.

Notice the smirk the cat has:

That cat may already have had too much catnip. But cats deserve to have fun. As do we.

This painting is 8″ by 10″ on aqua board and is framed in a maple frame. It is for sale for $150.00 plus 10.00 shipping.



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Marge Simpson, Pretty In Pink and Gorgeous Jewelry

Here is a small ink and watercolor called Marge Simpson. She is 4″ by 4″ and on aqua board. I thought I would have some fun with a good hair do. Marge is $75.00 inclusive of shipping.

Here is another little 4″ by 4″ ink and watercolor on aqua board. I love this medium as I can watercolor then varnish the panel. Pretty In Pink is also for sale for 75.00 inclusive of shipping. If you are interested please contact me at susanmedyn@cox.net

And I wanted to add a sample of one of my new friends jewelry, Donna St Amant. This is a beautiful necklace made of Sterling Silver with a Blister Pearl on a string of Coin Pearls. Her work can also be seen on this weekend’s  open studio tours that I am busily getting ready for. http://www.southcoastartists.org/openStudio.html

Donna St Amont’s Pearl Necklace

Here is a link to her website. http://www.donnastamant.com/Home.html

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