Maes H

Maeshowe  SOLD

Mixed Media  6″ x 6″

Maeshowe is a neolithic chamber cairn on the Mainland, Orkney, Scotland. We were fortunate enough to see many neolithic chambers while touring the Orkneys but we missed visiting one of my favorite distilleries, Highland Park, while in Kirkland.

The Maeshowe type of cairn is limited to Mainland, Orkney. On mid winters day the sun shines into it and can be seen via webcam here.  You can also check out  a beautiful photo of Maeshowe winter solstice  light here.  There is so much to see in the Orkneys~Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar, the Tomb of the Eagles,  the Standing Stones of Stenness,  and enormous stone circles as well as bronze age houses.

If you only click on one image, click on Tomb of the Eagles and you will see where my memory has taken me with this painting.


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  1. Wonderfully organic! Love it!

  2. Some if your links are redirecting to the same page as the first link. But I dug around, and I think I saw everything you wanted us to see. 🙂 The standing stones are interesting.. all of it is. I absolutely love your painting for today Susan. 🙂 Love the colors, and the black.. all so wonderful together. And how cool, where the gold surrounds the white. the way they came together… magic hey? ha ha That little bit of white, sitting in the black… yup, that looks like a skull to me 🙂

  3. Just looking at the painting, before reading anything about it, I was in love.

  4. Your painting transports me into this wonderful place..sort of a maelstrom (sp) . Your wonderful earth colors are beautiful.
    My heritage is in the British Isles – my paternal grandmother was born in Newcastle and my maternal grandfather is from Donegal County, Ireland.You are so lucky to have been there.

  5. This is amazing, Susan. I thought I was looking at a photograph. Wow!

  6. Amazing work……the colors, textures, and swirls…….these effects are truly beautiful……

  7. Julia Selinger


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