Orchestration or heathers

Orchestration  $50.00

Mixed Media 6″ x 6″


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7 Responses to Orchestration

  1. Help me understand abstract art. Is it about color, line, flow, composition? I am so lost on “getting it” but since you are now painting abstracts, you can help poor ignorant Carol.

  2. Teri

    So much movement in this, Susan! Lovely and lively!

  3. Luciana Mariano

    So expressive! Abstract with a touch of impressionism! Beautiful, Susan! Loving it!

  4. The layering is wonderful in this one with the blues and the pink peeking through. I also like the metalics which show even through the photography process. I find it hard to photograph metalics.
    It is like you are above looking down upon beautiful clouds with the colorful earth peeking randomly through.

  5. I’m like Carol, I really don’t understand abstract art enough to make an intelligent comment. I do like the colors in this one–especially the blue and pink just peeking through.

  6. Gorgeous! The brighter colors just pop in relation to the overall neutral. Lovely piece, Susan!

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