Not A Sitting Duck!

Not a sitting duck

Here is a pretty sharp looking guy.

Framed and ready to go!

$150 includes shipping. 8″ by 8″ on aquabord.


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9 Responses to Not A Sitting Duck!

  1. Julia Selinger

    Oh I love him! He has wonderful feathers

  2. This is absolutely my most favorite piece to date!!!! And the exquisite edging that doesn’t go all the way around – brilliant! Love it!

  3. I swear I had a dream about this painting last night. In my painting I didn’t include a chicken/duckvand that wasn’t the problem. The border was impossible for me to accomplish so someone did it for me. Was that you? This is wonderful and the calligraphic painted edge is outstanding.

  4. Sharp looking turkey, wonderful feathers, beautiful colors and I love the feather border too!

  5. The detail in the feathers is exquisite! I hope you make this into a card too; it would be wonderful for Thanksgiving.

    Someday when I’m done paying for college I’ll start buying art—till then, I get to enjoy yours from afar.

  6. Love it! Love the feather detail, the festive border, the all knowing look. Wonderful work!

  7. Wow! This is my new favorite! The textures and colors and composition are wonderful! Just in time for Thanksgiving too!

  8. Susan Smith

    Now that is fowl play!! Ideal kitchen art or anywhere a poultraphile needs a bit of chicken.

  9. A very sharp looking guy! Love your border pattern too!

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