Alice’s Dream


Alice's Dream with ©I had such fun making the painting for the invitation to the Tiverton Land Trust Summer gala that I started working on a happy lobster series. Here is my latest one.

Yes, Alice is dreaming and fondling that lobster yet again!

And this weekend was quite eventful with August open studios. A special thanks to all the wonderful visitors I had this summer while participating in South Coast Artists Open Studio Tours. Nearly 70 artists participated in this event and this was a fabulous year for us. So many visitors and so many sales. I feel so grateful to be part of this supportive group. The night before the tours this weekend I had the most special experience. I was sitting at the beach while several egrets flew by. It was windy so they were flying low. I could hear the whoosh of the beating of their wings~a sound I had never even dreamed I would hear!

Alice’s Dream is 14″ by 10″ and is framed in a maple frame. It is looking quite cool hanging on the wall.


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7 Responses to Alice’s Dream

  1. Thanks for sharing your rare blue lobstas! Very lively and appropriate series of magical seaside creatures. good luck!

  2. Love your lobsters and I am so glad the open studio went well…I was sure it would!

  3. Series work is a terrific idea. Think of when the past turn-of-the-century artists referred to some frequently painting buildings or areas as motif paintings. Series work was loved by their collectors…at least until the collectors turned their back on such and such a style finding it “old school”. No one will ever be able to look at your creative work as “old” anything. You are one very inventive genius!

    Keep telling me lobster stories…I wish I was closer and could be part of your South Coast Artists.

  4. DAvid Formanek

    I like the white spaces again.

  5. I love the composition in this one, but especially the way the colors blend in the lobster.

  6. Another charming and adorable piece! Series are always so fun!

  7. Super fun and whimsical bunch of critters! Some lovely textures on the lobster. And a teeny, tiny cat! So cute!

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